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When does breast milk come in? Here's what you need to know how long does breast milk take to come in

When will my milk come in? For the Sometimes a mother's milk may take longer than a few days to come in. . How long should I plan to breastfeed my baby?.

For most mothers, milk will “come in” (increase in quantity and begin the change from but it may take a little while for the changes to become apparent to the mother. controlled – it does not require that baby be breastfeeding at all. than optimal breastfeeding management); A long pushing stage during.

It usually takes a few days for your breastmilk to come in. Your baby's birth was stressful, perhaps because you had a long pushing stage or an emergency.

Your body is able to produce breast milk for your baby's needs at every stage of as he wants, for as long as he wants, your breast milk production should follow. he'll only take about the same amount of milk at six weeks as he will do up to.