Meet the people drinking their pee as part of 'urine therapy' | Metro News - pee drinking picture


Drinking pee! - Picture of Klo, Berlin - TripAdvisor pee drinking picture

It's not just Bear Grylls who drinks his own pee - 'urine therapy' is actually a growing (Picture: David Lees/Getty Images/The Image Bank).

of bathing in, washing with, and yes, drinking your own pee in order to And if the mental picture of people drinking urine wasn't enough for.

A WOMAN who has been drinking her own pee and rubbing it on her face for over a "We have before and after pictures to prove it," she said.

"Better Drink My Own Piss" is an image macro series featuring a photo of Edward "Bear" Grylls, the host of UK's wildlife survival series Born.