Should I Shave My Vagina? How To Decide If You Want To - dont shave your pussies


12 Reasons To Rock A Full Bush dont shave your pussies

Im 34,My pubis and labia is totally covered in what i describe as Nordic Blonde Pubic Hair its Unkept and Messy.It is rare to be as blonde as i am. Ive never had .

Men revel what they think about women who don't shave and women who down the barrel of your vagina, I don't care if it's unshaven or not.

While I still sometimes shave my bikini line when I'm in a swimsuit, my default is now Your pubes are there to cushion and protect your vagina from Pubic hair helps ensure that your vaginal folds don't stick together, which.

Acceptability of body hair varies with culture. However, in many parts of the world, women are expected to shave their legs and underarm hair.