Inside 'Skirt Club,' Hollywood and New York's "High Glamour" Sex Party for Women Only - skirt party sex


I Went to Skirt Club, a Lesbian Sex Party for Straight Women | Autostraddle skirt party sex

Skirt Club throws sex parties for bicurious women. We went, came and conquered, here's what we learned.

Before creating Skirt Club, the play parties Genevieve had been to were play parties weren't “taking charge of how they want to have sex.

The sex parties of Skirt Club — a roving, members-only, "high glamour underground community for women who like to play with women," says.

Skirt Club is an underground community where bi-curious women gather to explore that's as sparkling as the prosecco, and kinky party games to break the ice. for sex or just want to see how the experience makes you feel – Skirt Club .