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pocket knife selection, and a line of fish fillet knives. Dating its origin back to 1896 ,. Western Cutlery Co. is one of the few remaining old-time cutlery.

Vintage Western Boulder Colo. Hunting knife, 4" drop point blade, cleaned, flat ground and mirror polished. leather handle has been profesionally repl.

Each of these knives were made by Western Cutlery in Colorado. If the old stacked leather handled knife you are looking at has the metal of the tang . Their catalogs now contained the comment, “Because of the special qualities of leather.

The Western Knife Company was a manufacturer of hunting knives which began operations in . Collectors today must identify early knives from catalogs and application of the numbering system. Most of the old stock numbers can be deciphered by using the numbering key explained below. Some older pocketknife.